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NK PAR 15/25

NK PAR Sliding Folding Door System

Furniture and Wardrobes sliding folding

Interior Design

PVC Profile

Weight up to 25 kg per pair of Panels

KP Fold Bi-Fold Sliding Door System

KP Sliding Wood Door System

Interior Design Wood

Metal Folding Doors also

Weight up to 100 kg for each pair of Panels

UNIKSELF Frameless Sliding Glass Door

Unikself Frameless Sliding Glass Door System

Interior Design

Self Closing Panel

10 or 12 mm Thickness

No Floor Track

AR 35 AR 125

AR Wood Sliding Door System

Industrial Design

AR35 AR125

Around the corner

Wood or Metal Hinged Folding Doors

Up to 5 Panels possible


Rollglass 100 kbs belongs to the Rollglass family. This system was designed to create and separate spaces by means of a glass wall combining fixed and mobile panels. The height of Rollglass 100 can be adjusted by up to 2 mm to allow for different floor, ceiling and wall levels.

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