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ROLL 12 22 42 ROLL 25 45 52

Roll Sliding Door System

Furniture and Wardobes

Roll 12 Roll 22 Roll 42 Roll 25 Roll 45 Roll 52

Interior Design

Wood Panels

Weight up to 52 kg per Panel

Roll Lock Pocket Door System

RollLock Pocket Door Sytem

Sliding Wood Doors

Interior Design



Tags: Sliding Pocket Doors

STOCKPANEL Sliding Wood Door Systems

Stock panel Sliding Door Systems

Interior Design Wood Panels

For interior partitions to bifold folding and stack panels

No bottom track required

Doors up to 150 kg , 35 mm thick and 3 m high

UNIKMATIC Air Frameless Sliding Glass Door

Unikmatic Air Sliding Door System

Interior Design Glass

Bi Parting Frameless Glass Door

10 or 12 mm Thickness

Weight up to 90 kg per Pa

KD F Industrial Sliding Door System

KDF Sliding Wood Door System

Industrial Design

Metal Wood Doors also

Weight up to 60 kg per Panel

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