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Leader Gate Automation

Leader Gate Automation kit ideal for gates hung on posts or edge of pillars

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Ariel Door Gears Ltd Proteco Leader ram operator kits ideal for gates hung on posts or close to the edge of pillars.

The rams are non-reversible and therefore do not need an additional lock to keep them closed.

Opening angles up to 110 degrees may be achieved.

Designed for intensive use and all weather conditions through use of fluid-grease lubrication and built-in thermal protection for cold weather.

Leader Gate Automation offers a cost effective gate opening solution without the need for periodic maintenance.

Leader Gate Kits include:

2 x Leader Ram Operator arms with fixing brackets

2 x Safety Photocells

1 x Q60A Control Unit (with radio receiver and internal aerial)

1 x Kkey Switch

2 x Remote Controllers

2 x Override Keys in case of power cuts

Gate_Automation_FULL_Brochure_1.67MB.pdf PDF
Leader_Brochure_2.54MB.pdf PDF
Leader_Installation_Brochure_7.20MB.pdf PDF
Q60A_control_board_intructions_17.6MB.pdf PDF

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