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ADG Proteco Gate Automation Systems are designed for intensive use in the harsh Irish climate.

We pride ourselves on the build quality of our products, while providing a best in class customer service.

Our door and gate automation products are constructed of quality die-cast aluminium with stainless steel, bronze and steel parts.

Technical consultants are at hand, simply call our Dublin office at +353 1 8333168.

Safety Accessories
clear × Photocells


Post for RF36 photocells.


Post for RF03 photocells.

Proteco RF36 Photocell Safety Parts

Infrared beam Proteco photocells with automatic centre alignment for surface or post mounting. Power supply 12V/24V.

Proteco Part magic eyes


Infrared beam photocells for surface mounting particularly on sliding gates. The transmitting photocell can be powered by battery and it can be connected to a sensitive edge. Power supply 12V/24V.


Infrared beam photocells for flush or post mounting. Alignment through adjustable screws. Shielded electronics on the receiver. Power supply 12V/24V.

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