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Sliding Pocket Door Lite+ 100 soft close soft open

Lite+ 100 Soft Close Soft Open Interior Door Gear

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Product Code: sliding-pocket-door-gear-interior-track-dublin-ireland-Lite100-soft-close

Product Details

Lite + 100 Retrac Soft Close Soft Open sliding door track

Tested to EN1527 100000 times 

Soft open and soft close feature

Lets you open and close a a door up to 100kg

Controlled stopping of the door, soft open and soft close helps to slow the door down and pull the door into final position

2202 Lite+ 100 Track 2m

2203 Lite+ 100 Track 3m

2204 Lite+100 Track 4m

2214 Lite+ 100 Top Track 4m

2210 Lite+100 Retrac soft close Set of Accessories

3386 Lite+100 Wall Brackets

Lite_100_Klein_Retrac_Soft_Close_Instructions_Sliding_Folding_4.575MB.pdf PDF
Lite_100_Retrac_Soft_Close_Brochure__1.243MB.pdf PDF

Top hanging

Bottom guided no track on floor

Max wieght 100kg per leaf 

Minimum thickness 25mm 

Minimum width 750mm 

EN1527 Tested 100000 times 

Retrac suitable for pocket doors

Soft open and soft close

Gap between the top of the door and the bottom of the track 4mm 


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