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Ariel Door Gears Ltd Strip Curtains.

PVC strip curtains, factory divider.

Energy saving

An ADG strip door will prevent draughts and the escape of costly heated air.

The pvc strips simply part to allow passage through the curtain and then fall together with minimum loss of heat.

Freezer curtains are available for industrial installations, where a thermal curtain can have a positive impact on the refridgeration expenses.

Time saving.

Ariel door pvc strip curtains allow quick passage of employees and vehicles in either direction.

The clear pvc strips give total visibility on both sides, improving safety and efficiency.

Money saving

 Health and Safety

Ariel door PVC strip curtains:

         Act as theramal curtains keeping the heat in the plant and help maintain comfortable working conditions for employees.

         Provide an acoustic barrier / sound insulation, which reduces noise levels.

         Safe movement of personnel as they have excellent visibility through the clear pvc door.

Dust, spray & fume control.

 Air pollutants such as these can be both harmful and lethal in the workplace,

 you can help to confine these with an Ariel strip door

A unique support bracket by ADG.

Time saving support bracket:

Ariel strip doors are predrilled and easy to fit giving you the options of

Mounting Coefficient (K).

The mounting coefficient (K) is the number of hooks left free between two backing strips.

It varies according to the required overlap and should be increased for internal applications

 and reduced where strong draughts are likely to be present.

Types of Material: suggested applications.

200mm x 2mm for openings up to 2.5meters.

300mm x 3mm for openings between 2.5meters and 3.5meters.

400mm x 4mm for openings between 3.5m and 6.5meters 

for longer seek advise.


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