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Lite Glass Frameless Sliding Door

LiteGlass NEW Sliding Glass Door System

Interior Design

8 , 10 , or 12 mm Thickness

60 kg , 100 kg

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Product Code: slid-1111

Product Details

LITE GLASS is the new system for sliding glass doors designed to create an optimal clear opening in every use, combining quality and easiness of installation.
• Installation’s flexibility with wall, ceiling mounted, exposed or recessed track with TOP version.

• "Full Ball Bearing" rollers “made in KLEIN” for maximum quality control. (Systems tested over 100.000 cycles as per EN 1527 standard).

• Upper track and clamps fascia have an elegant SILVER anodized aluminum finish (AA10 ISO 7599, 10 microns). 

• Holds 8, 10 or 12 mm. glass thickness for doors up to 100kg.

instr-LITE-GLASS-100kg-16.2MB.pdf PDF
instr-LITE-GLASS-4.61MB.pdf PDF
instr-LITE-GLASS-60kg-16.1MB.pdf PDF
lite-glass-BROCHURE-8.99MB.pdf PDF

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