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ROLL 12 22 42 ROLL 25 45 52

Roll Sliding Door System

Furniture and Wardobes

Roll 12 Roll 22 Roll 42 Roll 25 Roll 45 Roll 52

Interior Design

Wood Panels

Weight up to 52 kg per Panel

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Product Code: slid-263

Product Details

Roll 12 Roll 22 Roll 42 Roll 25 Roll 45 Roll 52
The Roll range is designed for opening furniture and wardrobes with two parallel wood panels.
- Mechanisms for furniture and wardrobe sliding doors

- Minimum space between door and frame

- Weight up to 52 Kg per panel


ADG-Roll-12-22-42-Brochure.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-12-Instructions.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-22-Instructions.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-25-45-52-Brochure.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-25-Instructions.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-42-Instructions.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-45-Instructionsi.pdf PDF
ADG-Roll-52-Instructions.pdf PDF

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