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Lite Glass Plus system for a single sliding glass door, or for applications with bi passing glass doors. It can be installed on a wall or ceiling, with a recessed or exposed profile. Ideal for applications involving wardrobes or access doors.


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Product Details

Recessed installation, or installation on a wall or ceiling with exposed profile and vallance.

Fast and intuitive assembly for effecient implementation :

  • Direct access tp the braking mechanism and the adjustment system.
  • System embedded in drop ceiling : two-phase assembly for easy installation.

Clean, elegant design.

Absence of floor tracks, leaving a clear walking area.

8mm, 10mm, or 12mm glass, weighing up to 100kg.

Silver (stock), Black (non stock), and Bronze (no stock) anodised aluminium profiles and valances.

Silent, effortless sliding thanks to it's bearing system.

Smooth closing, with no slamming.

ADG-Lite-Glass-Plus-Sliding-Glass-Door-Soft-Open-Soft-Close-Brochure.pdf PDF
ADG-Lite-Glass-Plus-Sliding-Glass-Door-Soft-Open-Soft-Close-Fitting-Instructions.pdf PDF

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