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RollGlass +100 Sliding Glass Door

Soft Close option or as standard hydraulic stop - For 8mm 10mm or 12mm glass thickness.

Weight up to 100kg per leaf.

Fixed glass panel and sliding glass panel on one track.
During installation it is possible to adjust the sliding panel by + or - 3mm in the vertical plane.
The sliding panel is clamped so no drilling necessary saving time and money.

Interior Design Glass.

Fixed and Frameless Glass Door.

Reddot award 2018 winner.

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Product Details

For a video on how to install Rollglass+ system, click on the video below which shows you a video from our Youtube channel; Ariel Door Gears Limited. The video will then give you some easy to follow instructions on how to install it. 

ADG-RollGlass-Plus-100-Brochure.pdf PDF
ADG-Rollglass-Plus-100-Instructions-6.554MB.pdf.pdf PDF
ADG-Rollglass-Plus-100-KBS-Plus-Instructions-6.536MB.pdf.pdf PDF

Rollglass+: creates a glass front that combines fixed and mobile
glass panels on a single track. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for
a completely minimalist effect. Versatile and flexible, it allows for
various combinations, down to the smallest detail.
• Installation on ceiling or in drop ceiling.
• Special profile with hidden dropped ceiling wings for maximum
architectural integration.
• A new clamp which centralises all features of the system: height
adjustment, activation of the braking mechanism, and anti-derailing device.
• Fast and intuitive assembly for efficient implementation:
• Direct access to the clamp.
• System embedded in drop ceiling: two-phase assembly for easy
• Bottom profile in a double “L” shape for easy frontal insertion
of the glass.
• Clean, innovative design.
• Available with or without bottom profile for the fixed glass.
• 10mm or 12mm glass, weighing up to 100kg per sliding pane.
• Height adjustment of +/- 3 mm.
• Silver, Black and Bronze anodized aluminum profiles.
• Silent and effortless sliding.
• Soft closing options:
• KSC, Klein Soft Closing: Smooth, controlled closing. Allows for panes
starting at 80 cm width.
• KBS+, Klein Brake System: Stop with damper brake.
Standard for the entire line.


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