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Series 58 Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Drawer Slide

 - Made from cold rolled steel

 - Side mounting heavy duty drawer slide

 - Travel end rubber with stop function

 - Bright zinc coated finishing

 - Designed for silent movement

 - Made with carbon steel ball bearings

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Product Code: slid-series-58

Product Details

 - Full extension ball bearing heavy duty slide

 - Silent movement heavy duty telescopic slide

 - Drawer front disconnect 

series_58_1000_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_300_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_350_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_400_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_450_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_500_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_550_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_600_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_650_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_700_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_750_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_800_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_850_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_900_datasheet.pdf PDF
series_58_950_datahseet.pdf PDF

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