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EXTENDO Telescopic Frameless Sliding Glass Door

Extendo Frameless Sliding Glass Door System

Interior Design Glass

2 , 3 , and 4 Doors

Telescopic Panels

No bottom track required


ROLLGLASS Self Sliding Glass Door

ROLLGLASS Self Door System

Interior Design Sliding Glass Doors

Right Opening , Left Opening Panels

10 or 12 mm thickness

ROLLGLASS 100 Frameless Glass Door

Rollglass 100 Sliding Glass Door System

Interior Design Glass

Fixed Sliding Frameless

Max Weight 100 kg

8 , 10 or 12 mm thickness 


Rollglass 100 kbs belongs to the Rollglass family. This system was designed to create and separate spaces by means of a glass wall combining fixed and mobile panels. The height of Rollglass 100 can be adjusted by up to 2 mm to allow for different floor, ceiling and wall levels.

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