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Digital Peephole Viewer

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Product Code: Auto-SPD14-CS

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The digital door viewer is a good alternative to the traditional door viewers and compared to them they offer some advantages.

Only by pressing a button they produce a clear image. The camera offers a visual angle of 110° and the big display 0f 3.5" gives the possibility to optain a big image in comparison to the image offered by the traditional ddor viewers

These differences make the digital door viewers a good alternative in particular cases when the users have deambulation problems or in case of old people.

It is very easy to install, with only a 14mm hole required. It is not necessary to make further holes to fix the display to the panel because it remains in position by the sedan to be screwed to the camera

Alimentation is by 4 batteries very simple to be replaced



ADG-Gate-Automation-2200-in-Steel-Digital-Door-Peephole-Viewer-Brochure-1.362MB.pdf PDF

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