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The Switchstone-STD relay module is made to work in combination with other access control devices such as the Slimstone keypad

The Switchstone ensures maximum security thanks to 2 external relays with both a Common, Fail Open and Fail Close contact

These relays are capable of switching voltages up to 250V AC/26V DC allowing them to be used on a range of applications including switching lighting 

Free exit functionality can be easily implemented using the two inputs on the module

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Product Code: Loc-Switchstone-STD

Product Details

 - Includes 2 250V AC/26V DC relays each with COM Fail Open and Fail Close contact

 - Long range secure 2-wire communication with the Slimstone keypad, up to 300m distance

 - Auto back uo functionality

 - DIN-rail mountable

 - Tested from -30 up to 85 degrees plus celsius

 - Relay switching duration adjustable between pulse and timer mode  (500 ms - 99s)

 - To be used exclusively with the Powerstone 60W power supply

 - Current: maximum 0.07A

 - Consumption: maximum 1.7W


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