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Proteco Matrix Sliding Gate Automation

Proteco Matrix Sliding Gate Automation Kit ideal for large sliding gates with intensive use

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Matrix is an industrial Rack-driven motor for large sliding Industrial gates weighing up to 2500kg depending on which Matrix system you select

Matrix has a electronic braking system that forces the gate to come to an emergency stop if its path is obstructed while the gate closes

M4 and M6 module steel cog-wheel for constantly smooth movement transmission.
Available with mechanical or magnetic limit switches.

The system has memo adaptive technology that fits adjusts to different weather conditions and to overcome friction changes and avoid false-stop issues.

Matrix has a Q90 electronic board built on top the gear-motor for easy wiring and better protection.

A twinning function is available to synchronize two mirror sliding gates.

Scheduled  maintenance settings  allow you to display the number of openings and to set a countdown for next needed maintenance service.

There’s a energy-saving  function that reduces both the consumption of wired accessories and the system when the automation is in stand-by mode.


There is optional back-up batteries housing inside the motor (for 48V powered brushless version).
Direct plug to manage traditional and resistive (8K2Ω) type safety edges.



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