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ADG Proteco Shark Gate Automation Kit

Shark ADG Proteco Gate Automation underground kit ideal for swing gates up to 3 metres on posts or pillars 

Genuine Proteco Gate Motor and Parts available from stock 

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Ariel Door Gears Ltd Proteco Shark Gate Automation for swing gates up to 3 metres each on posts or pillars.

Can be fitted to gates that open outwards with angles up to 180 degrees 

For tight spaces 180 degree opening can be achieved with the optional Proteco chain drive

Operator arms provide additional security as they are non-reversible extra security for wider gates can be added through the use of electric locks and electric shoot bolts

Aesthetic design due to mechanics buried out of sight underground in steel lid discretly covered foundation boxes.

ADG Proteco gate components are manufactured to withstand tough weather conditions with fluid-grease lubrication system and built-in thermal protection.

Shark ADG Proteco Gate Automation kit includes:

2 x ADG Proteco Shark Gate Underground Operators for hinge gates

2 x ADG Proteco RF36 Safety Photocells

1 x ADG Proteco Q80A Control Unit (with radio receiver and internal aerial)

2 x ADG Proteco TX4334 Remote controllers

2 x ADG Proteco override Keys in case of power supply cuts

Gate-Automation-FULL-Brochure-1.67MB.pdf PDF
Q60A-control-board-intructions-17.6MB.pdf PDF
Shark-Gate-Brochure-2.84MB.pdf PDF
Shark-Gate-Installation-Brochure-6.31MB.pdf PDF

ADG Proteco Shark Underground 

24volt and 230 volt 

Electro mechanical low maintenance 

Good Drainage Required in areas with high water table and poor drainage consider Proteco Leader or Proteco Advange

We carry genuine Proteco replacement parts 


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