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F3 14 Brush Seal 3 metre


Ariel Pro is made from extruded aluminium section and a polypropelene brush seal

Standard brushes are made from polypropelene with UV protection and are pre-installed into the aluminium section.

Uses include dock leveller brush seal

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Product Details

Ariel Pro is our standard strip brush range consisting of an aluminium profile (plastic optional) and a very high quality polypropelene brush with UV-protection treatment.

The applications for Ariel Pro are limitless: from the simplest applications (air light or dust sealing sound insulation) to very complicated and unusual applications (steering braking protection rodent vermin proofing and energy saving)

The different profiles (H F or Y) enable the creation of various models by combining the different fibre dimensions. Ariel Pro offer many different solutions.

Ariel Pro is available as standard stock item in lengths of 3m to be cut to size.

Please contact us for special requirements (sizes colours anodised aluminium brush lenghts or thicknesses).


ADG-Ariel-Pro-Brush-Seal-2.843MB.pdf PDF
ADG-Ariel-Pro-Brush-Seal-Ranges-and-Holders-1.22MB.pdf PDF

Aluminium Profile 

Polypropelene brush

Custom brushes upon request

We can manufacture brushes to your specificaitons size length and pile thickness

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