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M64 Neoprene Seal 3 metre


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These insulating seals, designed for renovating old joinery, include: - a range of 15 thermoplastic rubber weather seals, - an H1 (11,5x7,5 mm) or F1 (15x5 mm) type aluminium support, surface-mounted on the door frame.

Installation instruction The support is either fixed with screws, brads or staples to door frames, or with Parker screws or pop rivets for metal door frames.

Packaging. The rubber seals are presented in 25 or 50 m coils,depending on the reference. To protect their special profiles, references M63, M64 and M65 are available in 3 m length. The aluminium supports are sold in 3 m lengths. On request, they can be drilled and cut to length in our workshops. 

ADG-M64-Interchangebale-Carriers-and-Seals-for-Renovating-Old-Joinery-Brochure.pdf PDF

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