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Stribo Top Slide 825mm

Stribo Top Slide Door Seal 825mm

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Product Details

- Inner profile entirely made with co extruded self-extinguishing plastic material (UL94 V0 type) (patented system).

- Acoustic protection up to 37 db certified by LABOR für Schall Wärmemesstechnik Prof. Fritz Holtz, test statement n° 02 02 25.U1 + U6.

- It is easy to install thanks to the pre assembled screws (patented system).

- The inside profile has a basculant movement.

- It can be shortened up to 10 cm on the extremity opposite the adjusting button.

- Depth: the excluder can cover gaps up to 13 mm deep.

- Main overlays on sliding doors .

- It is furnished along with a kit-slide including both a door-stop device and a door-driving system (patented system).

Lengths: 725 - 825 - 925 - 1025 mm

ADG-Stribo-Top-Slide-0825-Rubber-Door-Seal-Brochure.pdf PDF

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