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Art 92 Hydraulic Door Closer Force 2-4

Hydraulic Door Closer 

Ideal for all doors with force regulation size 2-4 Size 4 is up to 80kg and 1100mm wide

CE Standard Compliant Authorised Door Closer

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Product Details

Art 92 Hydraulic Compact Door Closer

Ideal for Wood , Steel , Aluminium , and PVC doors

Size 2 to 4 Door Closer

Size 4 Max weight 80 kg , Max Leaf Size 1100 mm

Closing Speed and Latching action fully adjustable

Optional Cover that has Invisible fixings due to clipped cover , no mounting plate required

CE Standard Compliant , authorised Door Closer

Inside an hydraulic door closer there is a spring oil and valves 

The spring gives the force the energy to close the door this spring is tensioned by opeing the door

The oil and valves release the spring energy in a controlled closing action

The oil flow can be adjusted to ensure smooth door closing and latching every time 

We often get asked for closers for exterior doors

Wind will may effect the closing function of a closer wind is powerful and can blow off roof tiles but in saying that fitting the correct size closer for a door will improve the controled closing

Installation Tips

Follow the instructions

When installing always adjust the screw a quater turn at a time over movment may damage all door closers

If closer is not closing the last one inch adjust the arm to make is larger bigger 


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Size 2-4 closer

Size 4 Max Weight 80 Kg and up to 1100mm wide door 



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