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Cantilever Sliding Gate 600 KG

Cantilever is a sliding gate system that doesn't use a track in the ground. The track is instead in the bottom of the gate itself and the rollers are fixed to the ground. This system is perfect for when a track in the ground is not practical due to uneven ground, heavy traffic, or trip hazard.

This particular system can be used on gates up to 600kgs. 

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Product Code: Metal-2170-8KIT

Product Details

On a cantiever gate the track is attached to the bottom of the gate the rollers are fixed onto a foundation in the floor

Cantilver gares are less likely to get jammed with debis

Less likely to be damaged by heavy machinery as there is no floor track 

More difficult for the gate to hop off the track

No trip hazzard compared with some bottom rolling systems

Extra space is needed at the side the gate needs to be made approximately 1/3 wider than the opening

The Gate structure needs to support the track and the weight of the gate so it needs to be structuraly strong but light

While the gate is being fitted their may be less disturbance to the poperty it may be possible to keep the entrance open while the preperation work is carried out The foundation for the rollers is to the side of the opening 


We stock two systems

21708KIT  For Gates up to 600 kg and 8m 


2180KIT For Gates up to 1000kg and 12m

Cantilever 600 KG System up to Max Gate weight 

Typical items for a gate opeing up to 6m

21708KIT Kit includes (2 x Rollers 2170/8 1 x Track final wheel 2171 1 x Staple final wheel receiver 2162 1 x Track 6m 2175)

Options of these guide on their own 46025 46032 46042 Top guides 


Qty 2 465p 465g 467/L Top guides on plate 

Qty 2 Handles 491

Qty 1 Lock 2570 447

or see 

Motor 1500kg Kit Mover


ADG-Metal-Works-2170-8KIT-Cantilever-Brochure.pdf PDF

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