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Regulating Hinge for Gates with Plate to be Screwed

Gate Hinge with regulation made from  Steel which is (Electro-Galvanised) Zinc plated 

It comes with the swivel nut that can be welded onto a plate and allows for adjustment in and out.

Or the 30mm and the 35mm can be supplied with a sqaure fixing plate for concrete

Reference 428030 428035 428040

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Product Code: metal-428

Product Details

Regulating Hinge for Gates with swivel nut used for adjusting the gate after instillation

Manufactured from steel which is  (Electro-Galvanised) Zinc plated

Diameter of hole 30mm 35mm 40mm

Bolt sizes accordingly  20mm  24mm  30mm 

We can also supply a Log to be welded into the gate

Square sizes 35mm 40mm and 50mm box profile

metal-428-2.60MB.pdf PDF

428030 Capacity of two hinges is 100kgs

428035 Capacity of two hinges is 150kgs

428040 Capacity of two hinges is 200kgs

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