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Comfort Handle D Type Cranked and Straight

Gate door handle steel

Cranked Handle with comfortable 20mm or 28mm diameter bar for the larger size 

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Door Handles are a important elements in ergonomic door design

We have all seen a sign on a door that says push when the handle is a pull handle. Every user of the door seems to ignor the sign and try and do as the ergonomics of the handle says to and pull and pull at the door and then realising it will not open at this point read the sign.

Therefore the positioning and chioice of handle is important.

Ergonomics come into this. The incorrect door handle can make your project look terrible but also could injure the operator trapping a hand against a wall for instance

A handle chosen and postioned properly will allow a door to be operated easily and safely.

Cranked Handles can be fixed to the end of a door but the operators hands are at a safer distance from the end of the door.

D-Shaped handles can be fitted vertically or horizontally. 

We offer a full range of handles and finishes if you don't see what you want please ring or email.


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