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Integra Handles for Wooden Sliding Doors

Integra Handles are perfect for sliding, folding and swing wooden doors

Integra has a sleek rectangular design that stays flush with the rest of the door

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Product Details

- Accesory designed for wooden panels

- There are two different types of handles:

     1. Fixed handle - for sliding or folding doors

     2. Mobile handle - for swing doors

- Wide versatility of closing according to the handle:

     1. Cylinder (with parrot beak lock)

     2. Latch (with parrot beak lock)

     3. Blind (without locking meachnisms)

- Handle sits flush with the wood door panel 

- Magnetic slip: maximum silence when opening and closing the swing door

- Available in Silver and Matte Black finishes


ADG_INTEGRA_Instructions.pdf PDF

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