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Slimstone Watertight Keypad

SlimStone contains LED lights illuminating the front allowing for easy access day and night to your gate. The keypad is weather resistance meaning it is rust and frost resistant. It is easy to install and mount a slimstone keypad to your deseired location. Finally its deseign allows for you to pair the Locinox SlimStone keypad and programe it to match with other automation products

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If you would like to learn how to install and set up a Slimstone Keypad, check out our installation and set up videos below from our Youtube channel; Ariel Door Gears



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-Slimstone keypads have a IP86 rating meaning they are extremly resistant to water and dust

-The keypads aluminium has vandal proof housing with a scratch resistant lacuer

- It is energy saving due to its white LED lights

-The keypads stainless steel buttons are highly resistant being tested for 1,000,000+ pushes 

-The Keypad is easy to programme with up to 100 user codes

-It is frost free thanks to smart internalheating

-The keypad is put through temperture testing from -30ºC up to +85°C 

-The timing range is adjustable between oulse and timer mode of 100ms - 99s

-Working voltage keypad is from 10 to 26 Volts AC/DC

-The current is 1.0A (with heating) / Pmax (with max heating)

-Finally there is a 2m connection cable included in your kit


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