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Standard PVC Roll

PVC Strip Curtains made to measure in a kit form or sold in 50m rolls.

PVC replacement strips are available in Standard temperature suitable for warehouse doors and chill rooms. Also available in Freezer Grade material for freezer and blast freezer.

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Available Models

100 x 1.2

200 x 2

300 x 3

400 x 4


Installation: we manufacture PVC strip curtain doors in kit form. Each strip is cut to size and attached to hinges and counterplates. The installation process is simple:

1.Fix the mounting rails.

2.Hook on the strips.

3.Trim the strips to suit the floor level.

Our PVC strip curtains are an economical solution that lasts long, providing reliable performance over time.

Our PVC strip curtains help maintain a consistent temperature within enclosed spaces. They allow for seamless movement of people and goods between areas while contributing to energy savings.

In addition to temperature control, our curtains keep out pests, ensuring a clean and safe environment.



PVC-Specs-472Kb.pdf PDF

Material: Standard PVC

Available Forms: Made-to-Measure Kit or 50m Rolls

Hardness: 75°ShA

Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C

Noise Insulation: Up to 35 dB (depending on thickness)

Maintenance: PVC strip curtains are easy to maintain, and the strips can be easily removed and repositioned.

Transparent with a light blue tint


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