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Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain Rolls

High Quality PVC Door Strip Curtain

Heavy Duty and Scratch Resistant

Standard and Polar Grade

Ribbed for strength and easier access

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Product Details

Why choose ADG ribbed PVC? 

ADG Ribbed PVC has raised PVC ribs that are thicker than the PVC going vertically through the material. Raised PVC ribs may help to reduce the friction between the PVC strip door and your palettized goods. The ribs help reduce scratches on the clear part of the PVC providing a clearer view through the door or partition 

Ribbed PVC is available as a special order in Standard and Polar Grade PVC Rolls

Standard Temperature PVC strip curtains

Standard Grade PVC curtains are normally suitable for factory door openings and chill rooms if standard temperature PVC is used in a freezer room it may crack and need replacing more quickly

Freezer Grade PVC 

Polar PVC or freezer PVC strip curtian is available for freezer type environments

Polar PVC is more supple and sticky when warm as PVC cools it becomes harder and less flexible If freezer grade pvc is used on a wareouse door it may stretch or be sticky and need replacing more quickly  

Our PVC has a transparent with blue tint allowing the doors to be visable to traffic

Rolls of PVC available

Standard Temp Range -15C to +40C

Hardness 80 degrees Shore A

Polar Temp Range -38C to +25C,

Hardness 66 degrees Shore A

Available Sizes

200 x 2

300 x 3

400 x 4


PVC-Specs-472Kb.pdf PDF

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