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A Highly Efficient Roll-Door Solution for Internal Applications

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Product Code: ADG-Traffic-MaviRoll

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Flexible roll-up door for thermal and sound insulation, MAVIROLL
isolates your facilities from noise, air, dust, cold, warm…
Based on the advanced Maviflex technology MAVIROLL door suits
in an approach:
• Environmental by saving energy.
• Working comfort for your staff and customers.
MAVIROLL is equipped with the TRAFICONTROL patent system with
a unique flexible guide.
Our flexible guides replace the steel uprights used on standard doors.
In case of potential impact, the curtain goes out of its guides and is
automatically reinserts the next cycle.
These flexible guides prevent damage due to the forklift passage,
blocking the door and stopping your process.
Choose flexible guides, save on your operational expenditures and
your maintenance cost.

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