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ROLLGLASS Sliding Glass Door System

Interior Design

8mm, 10mm, or 12 mm Thickness

Up to 175kg Weight

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Product Code: slid-060

Product Details

ROLLGLASS is designed to divide ambiances with a glass wall that combining fixed and moveable panels.
- Combined fixed sliding frameless glass door

- Minimum separation between fixed glass and sliding glass guarantees greater insulation

- 8, 10 or 12 mm glass with weight up to 175 Kg

- Exposed or concealed SILVER MARINER anodized aluminium profile

- Aluminium fascia

- Easy installation - the glass does not have to be mechanized (tempered or laminated)

- Clean and innovative design

- The bearing system allows smooth and effortless movement

- Ideal for creation of spaces or division of offices

- Available to be adjusted by up to 2 mm to allow for different floor, ceiling and wall levels.

ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Brochure-21.7MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG135-Expert-V10-V12-1.22MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG135-Expert-V8-V10-1.20MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG175-Expert-8.10MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG60-Basic-6.09MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG60-Expert-6.36MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG60-Expert-V8-6.36MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-Door-Dublin-Ireland-Instructions-RG90-Expert-V10-V12-1.04MB.pdf PDF
ADG-RollGlass-Sliding-Glass-DoorDublin-Ireland-Instructions-0.396MB.pdf PDF

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