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Used for office configuration.

Available as a single door, bi-parting doors, corner doors, swing doors and double fixed glass

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Panoramic: A system of glass fronts that combines fixed glass panels (single or double) with sliding glass doors that can be simple, bi parting, corner or even swinging.

Ideal for offices, Panoramic allows you to create a succession of glass offices, or a central meeting space. It resolves all points of connection with drop ceilings and 90º returns to quickly construct elegant glass spaces.

Create completely customised glass offices, with the se-up that you've always wanted.

If acoustic privacy is you priority, choose the recessed, double glazed glass option.

- Installation on ceilling or in drop ceiling for an exposed or recessed upper profile.

- Possibility of embedding the bottom profile in raised flooring.

- Versatility: It is very easy to change how the system is combined to reorganise the space throughout time. 

- Easy assembly:

System embedded in drop ceiling: two-phase assembly, more comfortable.

Bottom profile in a double "L" shape for easy frontal insertion of the glass.

- Intuitive assembly, even when dealing with: 

Points of connection with walls


Glass Cubes

90º returns

- 12mm or 16mm fixed, single or double glazed glass, ensuring sturdiness and noise reduction.

- Adjustment up to 2mm.

- Silver anodised aluminium profile.

- Silent, effortless sliding.

- Smooth closing guarenteed, with no slamming.

- Five-year warrenty.

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