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ROLMATIC Frameless Sliding Glass Door

Rolmatic Glass Sliding Door System

Interior Design Glass

Frameless Glass Door

10 or 12 mm Thickness

Weight up to 90 kg Panel

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Product Details

Rolmatic has been designed to divide rooms by means of two mobile frameless glass panels with glass sidelights, incluiding a synchronized mechanism to allow the doors to slide simultaneously.
- Frameless glass sliding door system comprising bi parting sliding panels with fixed glass panels


rolmatic-BROCHURE-17.8MB.pdf PDF

 Silver anodized aluminium track (AA10 ISO 7599, 10 microns)

- Aluminium fascia 

- Exposed or recessed track 

- Supports glass of 10 and 12 mm up to 90 Kg per panel

- Opening of up to 2.5 metres

- Minimal gap between fixed and sliding panes; less than 10 mm.

- Clean, innovative design

- Easy installation - the glass does not have to be mechanized (tempered or laminated)

- The ball bearing system allows smooth, effortless movement

- Possibility of opening at 90º for corner installations


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