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RollGlass +100 Sliding Glass Door

Soft Close option or as standard hydraulic stop - For 8mm 10mm or 12mm glass thickness.

Weight up to 100kg per leaf.

Fixed glass panel and sliding glass panel on one track.
During installation it is possible to adjust the sliding panel by + or - 3mm in the vertical plane.
The sliding panel is clamped so no drilling necessary saving time and money.

Interior Design Glass.

Fixed and Frameless Glass Door.

Reddot award 2018 winner.


Up to 60 90 or 150KG per leaf.
New Slid Option Soft Open Soft Close up to 150kg per leaf EN1527 tested 100000 times 
The Retrac system reduces the gap between the top of the door and the track. Retrac also allows adjustment of the height in the vertical plane even after installation
Applications include Pocket Doors - Floor to Ceiling Doors- In Hotels - Houses - Offices - Hospitals
Slid has been designed to separate rooms by wooden or metal
doors, optimizing clearance and providing a minimalist design, smooth running for years, on your high-finish sliding door.
The Slid track can be installed on view as a feature, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or Top track can be used and the track can be installed flush with the ceiling.
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Soft open and Soft close

Max weight 100Kg per leaf.

The Retrac system reduces the gap between the top of the door and the tack. Retrac also allows adjustment of the height in the vertical plane even after installation.

Lite Plus 100 soft open / soft close Separate rooms with single or double sliding panels. It offers great versatility and maximum architectural integration, while creating mobile partitions for flexible spaces.

Can be installed on the ceiling or wall, with an exposed profile, or a recessed installation with a hidden profile.

Suitable for Pocket Doors floor to ceiling doors and wall mounted doors

MIn Width of door leaf 750mm

2202, 2203, 2204, 2214, 2210, 3386, 06730, 06636

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Barn Style Sliding Door Track

Up to 200Kg per leaf

Traditional Barn Style Sliding Hardware used on barns around the world this iconic style is now a feature in many barn conversions in New York City and luxury accomodation across the world. 

Our heavy duty system with full metal components is authenthic in operation and looks

The door is bottom guided and an anti fall feature stop the roller lifting off the track making it safe to use

Sliding Door Track K40 / K75 / K150 / K300 / K500

K Sliding Door Gear

Manufactured to EN1527 TUV tested Quality You Can Trust 

Maximum Door weights 500Kg per leaf 

Sliding Door Track Robust iconic and designed to last

K40/75 Nylon roller in steel chassis with high qualtiy bearings EN1527 tested 100000

K150/300 Steel roller with ball bearings EN1527 tested 100000

K500/1000 Steel roller bearing that can swivil EN1527 tested 100000

A fitting system that allows you to install the track and rollers and afterwards install the doors 

K40  K75  K150  K300  K500  K1000

Industrial Design wood or metal sliding doors Barn Doors Stable Doors Home and Home Office Slding Door Track 



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