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ADG Proteco Gate Automation Systems are designed for intensive use in the harsh Irish climate.

We pride ourselves on the build quality of our products, while providing a best in class customer service.

Our door and gate automation products are constructed of quality die-cast aluminium with stainless steel, bronze and steel parts.

Technical consultants are at hand, simply call our Dublin office at +353 1 8333168.

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Proteco Matrix Sliding Gate Motor 2500KG

Proteco Matrix Sliding Gate Automation

Suitable for large sliding gates with a  brushless motor designed for intensive use 

Tags: Matrix Proteco KITMATRIXBLDC 



The Switchstone-STD relay module is made to work in combination with other access control devices such as the Slimstone keypad

The Switchstone ensures maximum security thanks to 2 external relays with both a Common, Fail Open and Fail Close contact

These relays are capable of switching voltages up to 250V AC/26V DC allowing them to be used on a range of applications including switching lighting 

Free exit functionality can be easily implemented using the two inputs on the module


High quality 60W switching mode power supply

Plug and Play installation guaranteed and integrated overload indicator

Modular (Electro) Mechanical Control Unit For Turnstiles

The ADG (electro)mechanical control unit (3-arm 120 degree or 4-arm 90 degree) allows you to easily create a maintainance free and high quality turnstile

You can match the design of your turnstile to the design of your fencing

The Turnitec mechanism is applicable to any turnstile and a quick installation is guarenteed

Thanks to the 100% modular design you can adapt the mechanism to your customers desires

A comfortable and safe operation is guarenteed by the optional damping system that is unaffected by temperature changes

TURNITEC Base Mechanism for Three Arm Turnstile 120 Degrees

With the TURNITEC base mechanism you can bi-directionally operate your turnstile free-turning

This 3-arm (120 degree) mechanism can be modularly expanded with the mechanical and electromechanical locking modules and a hydraulic damper to further finetune the access control and usability of your turnstile

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