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Proteco Barry Road Barrier

ADG Proteco Barry Road barrier for residential and multi-user driveways adjustable boom from 3.6m up to 6.0 m.

Obsticle Detection


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Proteco Barry Road Barrier suitable for intensive use such as apartement entrances 

Powdercoated  aluminium case with side LED light stripes and built in flashing light
Adjustable mechanical and magnetic limit-switches
Balancing spring system according to the length of the boom
Telescopic boom included, ideal to automate openings from 3.0 to 6.0 m.
Obstacle detection feature and built-in radio receiver
Suitable for residential and intensive use, available in 230V (fan-assisted motor) or 24V (for battery-powered operation) versions.

Proteco Barry Road Barrier Options include:

Barry DX Right 

Barry Sx Left 

MBRR28 Fittings

PBRATO Telescopic Boom 3.6 to 6m 

PBRG105 Boom Support 

RF40 Photo Cells 

RF12 Column for photo cells 

RG01 Magnetic Loop 1-Channel

RG02 Magnetic Loop 2-channel

ANGIE Remotes

Slimstone-2 Keypad IP68


ADG_Barry_Road_Barrier_Brochure.pdf PDF
Proteco_BARRY_Parts_Diagram.pdf PDF

BarryBarry DC 24V
Main power supply 230V ~ 50 Hz
Motor power supply 24V dc
4V dcCurrent1.5 A1.2 A
Motor power  160W
IP protection class 44
Opening time 6
Telescopic boom 3 .6 - 6.0 m 
Maximum cycles/hour 200
Duty cycle intensive use

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