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Proteco S-Park Road Barrier

ADG Proteco S-Park Intensive use 24V road barriers, for entrances up to 6 m. The perfect solution for residential, commercial and industrial car parks.

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Painted steel body, with embedded red/green LED light. Stylish design to blend into any private or public setting.
Easy and secure access to emergency manual release system. Preset frames for photocells mounting.
INTENSIVE USE: up to 200 openings/hour.
QUICK OPENING: 2.5” for entrances up to 3m.
TWINNING function to synchronize two mirror-opening barriers.
Built-in ENCODER to ensure maximum precision in slowdown and obstacle detection.
SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: allows to display the number of openings and to set a countdown for next maintenance service.
ENERGY-SAVING function: reduce the consumption of both wired accessories and system when the automation is in stand-by mode.
One version only for both left and right side installation.
Optional back-up batteries housing inside the barrier cover.
Bumper edge with embeddable LED light strip.
Complete with fastening plate and tie rods.
Available also with articulated boom for underground car parks.

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