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Counter & Passing Light Signals Module For TURNITEC

Plug & Play module which enables connecting counters and passing light signals in both turning directions 

A counter tells you how many people are on the terrain or how many rotations your turnstile made, while passing light signals guarentee a swift, safe and correct use of the turnstile

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Product Code: Loc-TT-CL2

Product Details

 - Easy to connect with the ADG Loc-TT-FO32 and Loc-TT-FC32 modules

 - Controlled by means of included reed contacts

 - For both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) direction a voltage free changeover contact (NO&NC) is provided for a passing light signal control (max 250V AC (30V DC)/1A)

 - For both rotational directions a voltage free NO contact (0,5s closed at a correspondent move) is provided for connection of an external counter (max 250V AC (30V DC)/1A on the NO contact)

 - Aluminium powder coated housing with heat dissipation fins

ADG-turnitec_BROCHURE-en.pdf PDF

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