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Proteco Shark Replacement Motor Blank Original

Always use Genuine ADG Proteco Parts

Original Blank Shark Replacement Gate Motor

Old shaped motor

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There are two shapes of Shark Replacement Motor. 

There is the Shark Original formally called the Proteco Blank motor.

There is the Shark New Shaped Motor


Which Shark Motor do I have ?

(Switch off the power only use a qualified installer)

(Take a photo and send it to us)

Look at the shape of the box in the ground ;

Does the ground box have square corners ?

Remove the box lid -

Is the primary drive flat ?

Is the secondary drive straight ?

If you have answered yes to these questions its most likely that you have an Original Blank or Original Shark Motor 

The majority of these motors are the 230 volt motor there is a lable on the motor but if the lable is worn identify the Proteco control panel it could be a Q36 Q60 or Q80

They were also produced in a 24 volt version and use the Proteco Control Panel Q20A


There is no documentation available at this time.


ADG Proteco Shark Underground Motor with 10 UF capacitor

24volt and 230 volt 300 Watt Motor 

Electro mechanical low maintenance 



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