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Q60S Proteco Sliding Contol Panel Part

ADG Proteco Q60S Multifunction control unit for sliding with built in programming display and automatic troubleshooting. Pedestrian opening automatic closing or step-by-step working pre-blinking soft start and multi-user function.

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Q25 Control Panel Proteco Parts

A Proteco Control unit for sliding gates with 12V power supply. Simplified or professional automatic learning of working and deceleration times. Motor's power working time and obstacle detection sensibility can be adjusted through trimmers. Proteco Control Parts


Tri-phase control unit for sliding gates with automatic closing step-by-step operating pre-blinking and multi-user function. Photocells plug and control modul for blinker. Power supply 380V. Dimensions including the case 198x251x110mm.

Q80A Proteco Control Panel for swing gates

Genuine Proteco replacement part

Q80A control panel suitable for double swing leaf operators 

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