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ADG Proteco Gate Automation Catalague

Proteco Gate Automation Product Catalogue

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Tag: SWING Shark Blank Leader Aster Ace Advantage

SLIDE Wheeler Meko Mover Cat Matrix S-Park Barry Libra Swing Universal PTP45 

Control Panels

Q20 Q36 Q45 Q60 Q80 Q90  

Angie RF40 Photo Cells Flashing Lights 


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We are very proud to sell Proteco Gate Automation

Sold in over 50 Countries Worldwide your local dealer 

www proteco ie

We can supply all of your gate automation needs along with electrical wire diagrams and brochures to get your Gates Moving

Proteco Spare Parts and New Installation Kits available off the shelf

Sliding and hinge gate hardware available from the metal works section 


ADG_Proteco_Gate_Automation_Catalogue_Ireland.pdf PDF
RF40_Photocells_Installation.pdf PDF

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