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Brush Catalogue

Brush Seal and Rubber Seal

Domestic and Commercial Seals 

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Strip Brushes Manufacture 9

Rolled, cylindrical, notched, bent, formed and flexible strips 12

Ariel Pro Brush Seal 17

Stribo Work, Stribo Verre 21

Insulation Mounted lower edges for doors 24

Built-in lower edges for doors 28

Door Seals and Sills 35

Accessories: mats, overglazing, safety 40

Embedded Brushes Manufacture 46

Flat brushes, circular scrub brushes, tube brushes, interlock brushes, wheel brushes, round head brushes 47

Modular Tube brushes 51

Steel Brushes 53

Hygiene brushes 57

Other brushes Carbon fibre brushes 62

Ring brushes, belt brushes tube brushes 64

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