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Eclipse Self Kit

Eclipse Self 

Self Closing Kit with Covers for Doors

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Product Code: Eclipse-Self-Kit

Product Details

Kit with one hinge with self-closing device and one hinge without selfclosing device with specific covers.

Hinges are reversible for flush doors with 135° opening.

The door closing can be controlled adjusting the speed of closing and the power of the final kick to oppose gaskets resistance or depression created into the room.


ADG-Brochure-Concealed-door-closer-hinges-Ireland-6.808MB.pdf.pdf PDF
ADG-Eclipse-Self-Self-Closing-Kit-with-Covers-for-Doors-Brochure-0.598MB.pdf.pdf PDF

The hinge has been tested for a capacity of 80kg (door dimensions : 1200mm x 2100 mm). 

Follow the procedure on the capacity diagram for the maximum dimensions of the possible sash.

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