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Topfix White Plastic System

Topfix White for 100mm PVC 1030mm

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Refrigerator blinds are clear PVC (100x1 .2mm) strips that keep the cold air in, whilst allowing customers to both see and select chilled foods. They are easily fitted to Chiller Cabinets, Delicounters, Freezers and Coldrooms etc. and can be quickly removed or hinged to facilitate restocking and cleaning. 
The open nature of most chiller cabinets causes cold air to fall out of the front, 
drawing warm air in from above. This not only runs the risk of legal temperatures being compromised but also means a huge waste of energy in the form of electricity to maintain low temperature. 
Advantages include 
  • Lengthens the life of the fridge compressor, with reduced maintenance costs. 
  • Fresher Food due to a more constant temperature 
  • There have been tests on models of fridges proving energy savings of up to 48% Old BS1828 standard. 



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1030mm lengths

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