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RollGlass Plus 50 100 Sliding Glass Door

RollGlass + 50 and Plus 100 Sliding Door System

Interior Design Glass

Fixed and Frameless Glass Door

8mm or 10mm Glass Thickness

Weight up to 50kg or 100 Kg per leaf

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Product Code: slid-304

Product Details

Rollglass+: creates a glass front that combines fixed and mobile
glass panels on a single track. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for
a completely minimalist effect. Versatile and flexible, it allows for
various combinations, down to the smallest detail.
• Installation on ceiling or in drop ceiling.
• Special profile with hidden dropped ceiling wings for maximum
architectural integration.
• A new clamp which centralises all features of the system: height
adjustment, activation of the braking mechanism, and anti-derailing device.
• Fast and intuitive assembly for efficient implementation:
• Direct access to the clamp.
• System embedded in drop ceiling: two-phase assembly for easy
• Bottom profile in a double “L” shape for easy frontal insertion
of the glass.
• Clean, innovative design.
• Available with or without bottom profile for the fixed glass.
• 8mm or 10mm glass, weighing up to 50kg per sliding pane.
• Height adjustment of +/- 3 mm.
• Silver, Black and Bronze anodized aluminum profiles.
• Silent and effortless sliding.
• Soft closing options:
• KSC, Klein Soft Closing: Smooth, controlled closing. Allows for panes
starting at 80 cm width.
• KBS+, Klein Brake System: Stop with damper brake.
Standard for the entire line.


ADG-RollGlass-Plus-50-Brochure.pdf PDF
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