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Fortima Child Safe Magnetic Latch for Pools and Parks

ADG Fortima is a magnetic child-safe gate latch that ensures safety security and an easy entrance for single leaf gates

Fortima has a patented internal leverage design that allows for smooth opening and with its unmatched magnetic force it closes securely

It is covered with anodized aluminium and powder coated giving the system an attractive finish

Most gate materials are compatible with the Fortima 

The Fortima can be rekeyed to match any existing lock

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Product Code: Loc-Fortima

Product Details

  • Designed for extreme weather resisitance in any climate
  • Fortima has a unique and extremely durable patented design with anodized aluminium housing
  • It has the strongest magnetic force on the market with a magnetic distance of 30mm - this is double the industry standard
  • It is tested up to 2 million cycles 
  • Fortima is rekeyable to match any lock Schlage-C Key-in-knob cylinder - 5pin, drilled 6pin
  • Full vertical adjustability and 25mm horizontal adjustability - a gap of 10mm up to 45mm
  • Compatible for left and right turning gates
  • Push down prevention that it only opens when magnet is pulled up adding additional security
  • Fortima is perfect for metal vinyl or wooden gates and is available for round or square gate posts
  • Before installing the system always confirm that all safety compliance requirements with the respective authorities


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