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Guardima Child Safe Magnetic Latch For Pools And Parks

The ADG Guardima is a magnetic child-safe gate latch that ensures the safety and security for single leaf gates

The system is installed on a gate and its patented internal leverage allows for smooth openings and closings due to the magnetic force

Guardima's powder coated components gives the system a elegant finish




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Product Code: Loc-Guardima

Product Details

  • Installation is easy and quick and the system is compatible with most international code requirements
  • Magnetic latch installed on the gate
  • Extreme weather resistance in any climate
  • Unique and extremely durable patented design with anodized aluminium housing
  • Guardima has the strongest magnetic force on the market with a magnetic distance of 30mm that is 2 times the industry standard
  • It is tested up to 2 million cycles
  • There's full 30mm vertical adjustability and 30mm horizontal adjustability with a gap of 15mm up to 45mm
  • Suitable for left and right turning gates
  • Push down prevention with it only opening when the magnet is pulled up adding additional security
  • Meets the international standards for pool gates but always double check with appropiate/respective authorities
  • Europrofile cylinder accessible on both sides of the latch


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