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Valentino Surface Mounted Battery Powered Code Lock

Valentino is a high quality battery powered electronic code lock with aluminium housing

Valentino has a energy efficient design that makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control

The system pincode can be easily added modified or removed

The 20mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows for the perfect latching or locking of the mechanism

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Product Details

  • Valentino is designed for minimal need for maintenance
  • ISO 9227 KTL 7 E-coated lock box has withstanded 1000 hours of salt spray tests
  • There is a weather protected illuminated electronic code panel on both sides
  • Extremely strong, durable and vandal proof design
  • Is incredibly energy efficient with up to 150,000 openings or closing cycles on the same set of batteries
  • System operated on batteries with a battery pack included
  • Low battery warning light
  • Support for free-exit, pushbar, and code controlled handles
  • Key-operated unlocking and programming functionality
  • Supports permanently open codes
  • Different entrance and exit codes possible
  • Complies with IP68- Extremely resistant to water and dust

ADG_Combined-Manual-Valentino.pdf PDF
ADG_Product_Sheet_Valentino.pdf PDF

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