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NK Fold

Folding Bi-Fold Concertina.
Max weight per leaf 20kg.
Up to 5 panels in each direction.
Top hanging and bottom guiding. 
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PL 40 / PL 150

PL Folding Wood Sliding Door System

Industrial Design

20kg (CES), 75kg (CES)

Wood or Metal Folding Doors

Up to 5 Panels

Lite Fold

Lite Fold is an interior folding door system designed to fit in recessed openings through 2, 3, 4 or 5 folding panels. It guarantees maximum integration into the silhouette of false ceilings.

KP Fold Bi-Fold Sliding Door System

KP Sliding Wood Door System

Interior Design Wood

Metal Folding Doors also

Weight up to 100 kg for each pair of Panels

NK PAR 15/25

NK PAR Sliding Folding Door System

Furniture and Wardrobes sliding folding

Interior Design

PVC Profile

Weight up to 25 kg per pair of Panels

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