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Duetto Kit

Folding door lock and handle set

Reference B0 

Fortima Child Safe Magnetic Latch for Pools and Parks

ADG Fortima is a magnetic child-safe gate latch that ensures safety security and an easy entrance for single leaf gates

Fortima has a patented internal leverage design that allows for smooth opening and with its unmatched magnetic force it closes securely

It is covered with anodized aluminium and powder coated giving the system an attractive finish

Most gate materials are compatible with the Fortima 

The Fortima can be rekeyed to match any existing lock

Guardima Child Safe Magnetic Latch For Pools And Parks

The ADG Guardima is a magnetic child-safe gate latch that ensures the safety and security for single leaf gates

The system is installed on a gate and its patented internal leverage allows for smooth openings and closings due to the magnetic force

Guardima's powder coated components gives the system a elegant finish




Valentino Surface Mounted Battery Powered Code Lock

Valentino is a high quality battery powered electronic code lock with aluminium housing

Valentino has a energy efficient design that makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control

The system pincode can be easily added modified or removed

The 20mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows for the perfect latching or locking of the mechanism

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