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Sliding Door Track K40 / K75 / K150 / K300 / K500

K Sliding Door Gear

Manufactured to EN1527 TUV tested Quality You Can Trust 

Maximum Door weights 500Kg per leaf 

Sliding Door Track Robust iconic and designed to last

K40/75 Nylon roller in steel chassis with high qualtiy bearings EN1527 tested 100000

K150/300 Steel roller with ball bearings EN1527 tested 100000

K500/1000 Steel roller bearing that can swivil EN1527 tested 100000

A fitting system that allows you to install the track and rollers and afterwards install the doors 

K40  K75  K150  K300  K500  K1000

Industrial Design wood or metal sliding doors Barn Doors Stable Doors Home and Home Office Slding Door Track 



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NK 45 80

NK Sliding Wood Door System

Interior Design Wood Sliding Door Track

Metal Doors also

Weight up to 85 kg


PL 40 / PL 150

PL Folding Wood Sliding Door System


Industrial Design

20kg (CES), 75kg (CES)

Wood or Metal Folding Doors

Up to 5 Panels

K20 / K30

K Sliding Wood Door System

Furnitures & Wardrobes

Interior Design Sliding Door Track

Metal Doors also

Lite Fold

Lite Fold is an interior folding door system designed to fit in recessed openings through 2, 3, 4 or 5 folding panels. It guarantees maximum integration into the silhouette of false ceilings.

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