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ADG LITE Par and Fold system is designed to be discreet and compact for 2,3, 4 and even 5 - leaf wooden folding doors

It is suitable to hold a total weight of up to 100kg

Each kit comes with invisible hinges and the possibility of embedded profiles for installations with the highest demands

The system offers a choice of axis of rotation located in the centre or to one side of the panels

SLID PAR and FOLD PLUS 150 Central

A multi panel folding door system designed for large door panels of 2 3 4 or even up to 5 extra large panels

The system can support up to 75kg per panel while providing central or side folding options and also custom hinges ensuring stability and reliability


Nature wooden sliding system designed for glass panels

Nature is a sliding glass door system that's supported by wooden oak tracks that are sustainably sourced & Cradle To Cradle Certified

This is the first fully standardized wooden system, and it provides the same ease of installation as all other ADG systems

A unique architectural solution to subdivide spaces, which reinforces our commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Sensus Wooden Sliding Door System

ADG Sensus is a compact and silent system for wooden sliding doors

Sensus all0ws you to divide your spaces using a single wooden door panel weighing up to 80kg

The key difference about Sensus is its silent friction mechanism

The system is designed for intensive use providing a robust simple and functional build

Silver or natural aluminium finish available on the profiles

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